Hamsterley Forest Bat Boxes 22-4-18

The first Hamsterley box inspection of the year yielded one bat - a feisty male Soprano Pip.

I'm a ferocious Soprano..

We found him in the box with the last remaining wasp nest left over from last year, which we left because it also had three Soprano Pips in it last November.

..but I've calmed down a bit now.

Speaking of wasps, several of the boxes contained queens.

It'll be interesting to see if these are the ones that have wasp nests later in the year.

We also found that several Schwegler boxes contained a thick (>1 inch) layer of frass with what look like Diptera larvae and pupae. This must have accumulated since last November, as we always clean the boxes during inspections if no bats are present.

Any ideas entomologists?

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