DBG Membership form

Membership of Durham Bat Group is open to anyone who is interested in furthering its objects, which are:

  • To promote the conservation and welfare of bats
  • To work within the geographic area covered by Durham Bat Group, that is primarily the area bounded by the Rivers Tees and Tyne, in providing practical advice and help to any individual or organisation with regard to bats
  • To educate the public about bats by means of public talks, bat walks, talks to school groups etc., and to encourage community participation in bat related activities
  • To study bats in order to further understanding of their biology and ecology
  • To work with other organisations sharing similar aims

Members have a duty to exercise their powers as a member in the way he or she decides in good faith would be most likely to further these objects. Application for membership indicates agreement with and acceptance of this duty.

Membership is renewable on an annual basis. Following the AGM each year, members receive an email request to confirm that they wish to continue as members of the group. Members who fail to reply within one month are sent a reminder stating that their membership will be rescinded unless they do so. Members are also required to complete a new membership form at three year intervals.