Bat Records

Following recent negotiations, an agreement has been reached between Durham Bat Group and ERIC NE for the delivery of DBG data request service by ERIC NE. This will improve access to Biological records for Bats in the Local Authority areas between the Tees and the Tyne* and mean all records can be accessed through a single point of contact and a single request, while continuing to support the conservation work undertaken by DBG.
From 11th July all requests for bat data can be submitted to ERIC NE via the online data request form. From that date, Durham Bat Group data will be included in ERIC standard searches and bat only searches. A 2km bat only search via ERIC NE costs £40+VAT. There will be no additional costs to the current ERIC fees for data searches which include DBG data, and the uplift in the number of commercial data searches received will be used to cover costs of delivering the enhanced service.

*Local Authority areas covered: Darlington, Durham, Gateshead, Hartlepool, South Tyneside, Stockton and Sunderland.

To request data via ERIC NE visit ERIC NE

If you wish to obtain records for research purposes please contact the Durham Bat Group Recorder, Melissa Young

Submitting Records

Do you have bat records that you would like to submit? Please download and save one of the electronic forms below..

DBG Bat Record Form - MS Word
DBG Bat Record Form - MS Excel

..enter your record(s), save the file and then send as an attachment to the following email address:

Melissa Young

Bat records can provide valuable insight into species distribution, as can be seen from the maps for Daubenton's Bat and small Myotis (Whiskered or Brandt's Bats, which are difficult to tell apart). Daubenton's mainly occur on rivers, while small Myotis prefer a mosaic of pasture and woodland, such as occurs in the central coalfields district of the county.